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Manpower Management

at your service

(Executive Search, Global Sourcing, Senior & Mid-Level Hiring)

We are a boutique recruitment firm that specializes in matching the right talent including personnel involved in the offshore & onshore Oil and Gas industries and its support services across the Sub-Region. Our clients are assured of quick, customized professional services; which would save them time, and offer them the opportunity to focus on their core business without the considerable responsibility associated with the due diligence tedium related to the entire recruitment and selection process.

HR-I Solutions deals with fixed term and temporary recruitment from entry level positions to director level, and provides support in obtaining work and residence permit.

Manpower Management (Employee Outsourcing)

Organisations consider temporary staffing when they have projects which require additional help without long-term commitments. This helps in making the company agile to the needs of the market while making the company lean and the workforce compliance management easy. At HR-I Solutions, we prioritise talent and skill which define a candidate for the job role. We have the well proven screening process to identify the major growth areas of freshers or experienced professionals and seek to help the companies find the desired employee. We are here to manage you temporal staff from issuing contracts, employee administration and payroll.

Payroll Administration (Payroll Outsourcing)

With constant changes in legislation it can be hard for businesses to provide consistent and compliant payroll services. An in-house payroll department can often be difficult to maintain and can cost significant money. If you consider the full cost of employing people, maintaining payroll skills, software costs, ongoing training costs, documentation, payslips etc. it often doesn’t make business sense to build this function in-house. HR-I Solutions Limited has knowledgeable, in-country experts to help ensure your payroll is accurate and compliant, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. We are committed to meeting your needs with the highest level of professionalism. You can define your HR objectives and we will use our expertise to cater for your needs.

Our commitment is to help you with your transformation projects with enthusiasm and excellence